11 & 20-30-40

Friday, May 3

I began the day with a 6-mile walk in Pisgah National Forest. Yup, with Luke and Cinna.

Wearing 20# weight vest and using 30# DBs
10 RFT
Run 100m, holding DB in r or l hand and alternating hands @ 50m turnaround
Odd-number rounds
– 5 DB HPC&J r hand
– 5 DB HPC&J l hand
– 5 DB BoR r hand
– 5 DB BoR l hand
Even-numbered rounds
-10 manmakers, alternating arms

This was exhausting. I had to keep reminding myself to lead with my junk whilst running.

Saturday, May 4

11 RFT
Run 40m (20m up and back)
HPC, 95#


11 RFT
1-2-3…9-10-11 Run 40m (20m up and back)
2-4-6…18-20-22 K2E


11 RFT and Reps
Max reps unbroken (NO resting) HRPU
Run 60m (30m up and back)

That’s 4,620m total, or just under 3 miles. Boom.

I completed all HPC in unbroken reps. As I should have. I completed K2E in unbroken reps through the round of 18. That surprised me, as my abs were on fire. I completed 21, 11, 11, 10, 10, 9, 9, 8, 8, 9, & 10 pushups for a grand total of 116.

Sunday, May 5

A rainy day in the mountains! I nonetheless took Luke and Cinna for a walk. A moist walk.

The almost 3 miles of shuttle sprints left my legs tired. Uhm, and the pushups left my arms tight and sore. So….

Every 50 seconds for 21 rounds
1 strict HSPU
2 strict C2B chin-ups
5 45# barbell back squats

This was just what I needed, and I felt better after than I did before the workout.

Row for calories
Abmat sit-ups

I rowed a calorie per stroke, with the magic s/m being 18 to 19. No slacking for me, yo. I also worked continuously and in unbroken reps for sit-ups.

While rowing I was once thought how much I enjoy working out alone, and how I’ll likely never work out in a group setting ever again.


This is going to be a busy week, as final grades are due at AB Tech aaaaand I’ll be finalizing preparations for the BeautyX Summit in Dallas.

I continue to be annoyed by people who use outside voices inside. For that matter, I am annoyed by people who use outside voices outside. I guess I’m just annoyed by people. There, I said it.

I’m binge watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Cheri Oteri is hilarious!

If I were Thanos, anyone with a disfluency (that she or he could overcome if she or he took the time and effort to become consciously competent) would, well, you know.

I received a message from a student: “What would my grade be if I didn’t take the final?” My response: “You can determine that as easily as I can.” Boom.

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