Thursday, June 27

I rested Wednesday, not because I needed to but because I should.

50 RFT
Box step right foot & left foot lands on box; step down with right
Box step left foot; step down with left
Box step right foot; left knee raise (no step on box)
Box step left foot; right knee raise
Box jump; land in squat and step down

Yup, that’s one rep. I wanted to work the glutes, and this did the trick.

I traded in the Mazda CX-3 for a Ford Flex, and I’m more pleased with the purchase than I thought I’d be. I was able to pack a substantial amount of stuff to bring to the beach with Zac (in crate, of course) as placed in back and Luke and Meg (also in a crate) sharing the 2nd row 60/40 bench.

I had no idea how much I felt the road in the CX-3 until I didn’t feel the road in the Flex. The Flex cabin is cavernous. Perhaps the thing I like most is that the pedals can be raised; thus, I can fully extend the telescoping steering wheel and pedals and then push the seat back and raise it high. I feel like a Big Boy.

The Flex has a multipanel vista roof, i.e., 4 moon roofs. Wow! Premium white platinum (that cost extra), power lift gate, folding 3rd row seats are among some of the accoutrements. With 2nd and 3rd row sets folded flat, there’s over 84 cubic feet of storage.

And ApplePlay. Yay!

The car is truly a pleasure to drive. Luke certainly likes the extra space.

Oh, Meg hardly caterwauled. I even made sure to check on her to make sure she hadn’t passed out! Ha! I worry too much about the kids.

Friday, June 28

20 RFT
5 strict burpees with mountain climbers and grasshoppers
5 forward & backward sprints to end of driveway and back (est. 10m; 20m total)

Each round took about 90 seconds. I took me a little longer than 30 minutes to complete, however, as a shoe came untied and I paused once to rehydrate. I was drenched, and my shirts, shorts, socks, and shoes were soaked through.

Luke rested on a blanket in front of the garage door the entire time. He truly is a remarkable dog.

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