Da Beach

I truly enjoy spending time at our beach home, and Luke, Meg, and Zac love it, too!

Saturday, June 29

500 double unders; complete in max rep unbroken sets & complete 25 unbroken Abmat sit-ups when set broken

I began with a measly 17 (I should’ve warmed up better) and completed as many as 75 unbroken reps. It took me 10 rounds, so an average of 50 a round and a total of 250 sit-ups. That’s a lot of sit-ups.

1-2-3…18-19-20 air squats; complete 1 lunge/leg rounds 1 through 10, then 2 after round 11, 3 after round 12 up to 10 after round 20

That’s 160 air squats and 65/leg lunges. Mah legs!

Sunday, June 30

The last day of Pride month and World Pride Day. (Listening to Appalachian Spring and thinking about playing the clarinet.)

Luke and I began our day with a 5K walk in Carolina Beach state park.

I went to Hugh MacRae park in Wilmington for today’s workout, as I don’t yet have a pull-up bar set up in gym.

Every 30 seconds for 10 rounds
1 strict L C2B pull-up
1 strict pull-up
2 kipping pull-ups
1 butterfly pull-up

I got quite a few looks. One STDB (friends know what the acronym stands for) saw and I then overheard him telling his woman that he could easily do pull-ups. He approached a bar and, well, couldn’t do a single rep. Didn’t I mention it’s World Pride Day?

Every 30 seconds for 14 rounds
Odd-numbered rounds: strict reps R T2B, L T2B, T2B, K2E
Even-numbered rounds: strict reps R K2B, L K2B, T2B, K2E

An ab burner folks. Try it.

2 miles
Run 30/leg paces forwards & 10/leg paces backwards

I got even more strange looks. The weather was a balmy 91 degrees, and I was moist from start to finish.

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