During my kindergarten year of school, the cheerleaders were selling pompons as a fundraiser. How much were there? I can’t recall, perhaps a quarter. I asked my mother if I could have money to purchase, she said no, I got upset, and I kicked our dog, Snoopy. I kicked the dog! Granted, I didn’t kick him hard and, as I was such a slight child, I’d like to think that I didn’t hurt. 

I immediately felt intense remorse and guilt and broke into tears. As a way to punish myself I retreated to our dining room and placed myself in a corner. I recall the pattern of the wallpaper: fleur-de-lis. My mother happened upon me and said, “Here’s the money. If the pompons mean that much to you, you can buy them.” 

I felt even more guilt, shame, and embarrassment, for I knew that I couldn’t tell her the reason why I was crying. And, in essence, she had just paid me to kick the dog. 

“150 @ 150”
14 RFT
10 unbroken DL @ 150#
25 unbroken lateral bar hops

What a workout! The gym was cold and my feet were numb. Still, she persisted. And my glutes and hammies were sore the next day. And they day after that. I rowed about 120 calories.

10 RFT
10 strokes on rower for calories
10 unbroken & strict ring pushups
3 unbroken & strict presses @ 95#
1 strict 6-second count (3 down and 3 up) HSPU

Uhm, that was an upper body workout, for sure.

10 RFT
Row 10c
3 reps of HPC + PP + 3 BS + 1 behind the neck PP

All over body workout.

75 RFT
1 strict pushup + 1 strict pull-up + 1 strict K2E + 1 box jump (24″)

That took some time.

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