Up and Down and Down and Up

Wrinkles the Clown. Just no.

10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1 strict ring dips
Power clean + front squat + push press + 1, 2, 3… 8, 9, 10 back squats + behind the neck push press
Abmat situps
Run 400m after each round

Thus, 55 strict ring dips and back squats as well as 10 each of remaining movements. Fun! Because running is always fun.

5 rounds row 10c & 5 floor presses @ body weight
4 rounds row 8c & 4 floor presses @ body weight
3 rounds row 6c & 3 floor presses @ body weight
2 rounds row 4 & 2 floor presses @ body weight
1 rounds row 2 & 1 floor presses @ body weight

Less rest between floor presses meant the last round was always challenging. Oh, and all reps unbroken.

25 RFT
1 strict 6-count C2B pull-up
1 deadlift with 6-second hold at top and no dropping of bar
15 LBH
1 strict 6-count HSPU

For pull-up, 3-second count to bar & 3-second count to full extension
For pushup, 3-second count from full extension to head to mat & 3-second count back to full extension.

High Maintenance is the best show on TV. Hands down.

We moved to Renick, West Virginia the summer before I began 6th grade. There was no musical instrument instruction at St. Joseph’s, the Catholic elementary school I attended in NJ, so I had no idea if I had any musical inclination or talent. I did, however want to play in the and. We had an old, worn out trumpet and trombone, and I decided that I’d play the trombone, for my father had done so as a child. Our WV home was a mile and a half down a dirt road. To get to the school bus stop, I had to cross the road, climb over the road neighbor’s fence, walk a path up a steep hill to their driveway, and then to the bus stop on Route 219. And that was at last a half a mile if not more. We had two opportunities to catch the bus, as it traveled first north and then south.

Where am I going with this? Remember, I was a slight child, and couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds. Yes, a 90-pound weakling. I attempted to carry the trombone to school and, well, it was just too damned heavy. My mother suggested that I talk to the band leader about playing another instrument. The only instrument that was both light enough for me to carry and that the elementary school had was a clarinet, so the clarinet it was! Most of my peers had already started learning to play an instrument a year or two before I did, but I was a natural and I quickly excelled at playing the instrument. I was first chair, first clarinet through junior and high school, and was a clarinet and music major my first year of college. 

I still often play the clarinet in dreams and still recall all of the fingerings. Uhm, and I’ve been know to look for used clarinets for sell.


Bicep Curls and Shy Bladder

I’m composing this blog whilst waiting for my very delayed flight from Charlotte (original destination San Diego) to Asheville. Was supposed to be home by 10:30 pm, now ETA 2:30 am.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, having spent last week in LA (Saturday through Friday) and Oceanview (Friday through Sunday, as I traveled home on a freaking redeye). Home Sunday and Monday, then another trip to California, this time Coronado Island, Tuesday through today (Thursday). BTW, I learned that Coronado Island is actually a peninsula.

What have I been doing, you ask? Another successful event as MC for BeautyX Demand Generation Summit as well as Uplink Live, training ULL, and then two days of teaching Presentational Speaking to folks at Corsica Life Sciences. I’m in demand. Already booked Parkdale Mills and Participate, and calls with AZ this Monday.

I do miss Jeff, Luke, Meg, and Zac when I travel.

A few workouts…

10 situps
5 air squats
1, 2, 3…8, 9, 10 pushups

12-minute treadmill, ending at 11 mph. That’s fast.

Row 300m
3 burpee + HSPU

10 RFT
Per arm 5 25# DB BoR + 3 HPC + 1 PP
10-sec headstand hold after each round
Then rounds @ 30, 35, 40, 45, & 50# (shit got heavy)

I’ve been working out 5 or 6 days a week, even when I travel. The past 2 mornings I did so @ 5 am PT.

Speaking of which, the gym at the Coronado Island Marriot was a shitshow, with far too many soft-tittied douche bags doing bicep curls and exchanging fist bumps. And I saw truly shitty form, particularly with pushups and pull-ups. Full extension, people! And fewer bicep curls and fist bumps.

I recall the exact moment that I became pee shy. It was my freshmen or sophomore year at WVU, and I attended my very first gay pride event with a guy I was somewhat dating. Having to pee, I went to the men’s room only to discover not urinals but a trough. I can’t imagine that this was the first time I peed in a trough. As I was getting ready to pee, a rather attractive gentlemen stood beside me, glanced at my junk, and said, “Nice.” And I couldn’t pee. And I still can’t pee if I suspect that anyone is watching me.

This is why I think there should be dividing walls between all urinals. And treadmills.