North, East, West, and South

What’s in the NEWS? Coronavirus, of course. It was only a matter of time before nature attempted to level the playing field. It’s unfortunate (a weak word in this case) that our fearful (not a typo) leader believes that money is more important than science.

The man is immoral. People will die.

As a person who doesn’t much like to be touched, kissed, and/or hugged, I’m fine with social distance.

And then there are those who say that Satan is sending a plague to kill off older people who would vote for tRump. Uhm, if you believe in Satan then you must believe in God. See where I’m going here? Got it? Good. Going on.

I sent my mother a buttermilk & lemon pound cake, per her request. I also sent her the wild blueberry jam that she likes, as well as lipstick, moisturizer, and shampoo.


I took a “Science for Teachers” class when I was an elementary education major at WVU. We were completing an experiment regarding volume and the teacher asked, “How much liquid is that?” A fellow student said, “Too much?” The teacher responded, “No.” “Too little?” another student responded. Again, the teacher said, “No.” “Paul,” she asked, “do you know the answer?” “Too late to ever try again?” The teacher and I were the only two to laugh. Gotta love some Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams.


Box jumps, 24″
DB HPC standing on box
DB squats standing on box
50-40-30-20-10 double unders
25-20-15-10-5 strict K2E

‘Twas an ab crusher, yo.

10-9-8…3-2-1 pushup on WB + WBS
1-2-3…8-9-10 strict ring dips

Unbroken reps, yo.

15 RFT
Unbroken strict L-sit C2B pull-up + strict C2B pull-up + strict pull-up
Cluster @ 95#
3 unbroken strict HSPUs
Run to end of driveway and back (60+m)
Cluster beginning @ 95# & increasing weight 5#/round until failure or 15 rounds
10-second headstand hold

Uhm, and I did indeed complete 15 rounds with the last cluster @ 165#. And that was a PR. And I didn’t realize this until the next day.

I’ve been rewatching West World, and am on episode 3 or season 2. A thought-provoking series. Due to shifts in time and human/host.

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