I haven't rested in days

Why not? Because exercise is my psychological therapy, and with the current state of the world I desperately need some therapy. Something tells me many of you do as well. I’m so focused on movements and technique that I can think of little else.

Jeff wants to travel to Carolina Beach and spend a few days at the townhouse. I’m reluctant to do so, and not because I don’t like the beach. I know that I’ll need to stop numerous times on the way there and back, and that means being in closer contact with people. Es no bueno. He told me to pee in a jar. That isn’t happening.

10 RFT
3 plank DB rows/arm
3 DB squats
3 strict K2E
10 RFT
Strict pushup on KB + L-arm + R-arm (with KB, obviously)
6 Russian KB swings
3 strict ring dips

A good, not-so-challenging workout. I practiced pistols as well.

20 RFT
Strict L-sit C2B + C2B + chin above bar pull-up
3/leg alternating leg pistols
Strict 3” negative HSPU + clapping push-up + HR push-up

I’m appalled at the number of shitty pushups I’ve seen folks who are doing the 10 pushup challenge. OMFG, no rep! This includes friends, acquaintances, and celebrities. Yes, celebrities. And why hasn’t anyone challenged me?

I’m right-brained. Exceedingly right-brained. Math is beyond my realm of comprehension, and it was the only subject (particularly algebra and geometry) that I struggled with. My mother was beyond exasperated, and she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t grasp the concepts for my older brothers, well, didn’t struggle. Was it laziness, disinterest, a learning disability, or a combination of two or perhaps all three? I don’t know, although I do admit to disinterest. I do know that even now I struggle with simple math. For example, I have to double-check my math regarding how much weight is on the barbell, and even then I very often get it wrong. Even when I use a calculator.

But music is math, and I don’t find that the least bit difficult. Yay for music!

Speaking of music, I played the piano for a couple of hours today, and it was quite enjoyable. I’m relearning “Boating” by Bela Bartok.

Zac has zero fucks to give. Zero.

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