Mayor Cuomo

“There is no dollar figure on human life.” Tell it like it is, I-wish-you-were-president Cuomo. These are frightening times, and it would be nice if we had an actual leader.

Jeff wisely purchased Connect 4, Yahtzee, and Sorry! as well as a book of word games. And I’ve discovered that I actually like the puzzles. When the hell did that happen?

Uhm, the pistols left me somewhat pistol whipped. In the buttocks. Even though I abhor rowing, it’s a great way to get blood and oxygen to the muscles, yo.

10 RFT
10 hard strokes on rower for meters
10 unbroken ring pushups
25 unbroken ring pushups
5 DL @ 185#
Strict C2B chin-up
5 DL @ 195#
Strict C2B chin-up + strict K2E
5 DL @ 205#
Strict C2B chin-up + strict K2E + strict T2B
5 DL @ 215#
Strict C2B chin-up + strict K2E + strict T2B + air squat
5 DL @ 225#
Strict C2B chin-up + strict K2E + strict T2B + air squat + jumping air squat

DL @ 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315, 325, 335, 340#
Strict C2B chin-up + strict K2E + strict T2B + air squat + jumping air squat

I rowed 1212m.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like programming for myself. I would never program the above for anyone else, as it’d be too hard for some and too hard to explain to others. Aaaaand, folks don’t like workouts that aren’t for time.

Why the chin-ups and other activities after lifts? For truly active recovery, i.e., keep the muscles warm and allow a little rest between lifts.


I detest the generic pronoun and refuse to use the form when I speak or write. I also refuse to say “he and/or she, “him and/or her,” and “himself and/or herself.” What do I say instead? She and/or he, her and/or him, herself and/or himself. Sequential placement is important and I almost always place women before men. As it should be. 


I have always it will likely always enjoy animated shows, i.e., cartoons. As I child I enjoyed Wally Gator, Mighty Mouse, and Jetsons. I then became obsessed with Animaniacs. Mindy! I’m currently a huge fan of (in order): Archer, South Park, Bob’s Burgers, and Family Guy. Adult humor, you now, because I’m an adult and all.

There are certain activities that I truly enjoy, including working out, walking Luke, baking, playing the piano, binge watching quality TV, and writing. I’m not not enjoying self quarantine.

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