Jeff and I have been playing games to pass the time. Battleship arrives today!!

I started the morning with a 3.5-mile walk with Luke, including a visit to Hole Donuts for curbside delivery of delicious donuts and coffee. I needed to clear my mind.

And now I vent. Both yesterday and today, whilst walking Luke, unannounced runners approached from behind — and ran beside us! If I had known that they weren’t going to ensure 6′ between us as they passed, I would’ve moved the freak out of the way. Runners can be such assholes. Jeff went grocery shopping and I waited in the car for him. I saw two women (who arrived in two separate cars) approach each other in the parking lot, talk briefly, AND THEN HUG. Idiots. Let me say it again: IDIOTS.

Trillions of dollars, and it likely won’t be enough. tRump is the pettiest person alive. “I won’t speak to Nancy Pelosi. I’ll help governors if they’re nice to me.” BTW, every governor sounds much more presidential than that AIC.

I baked a rather boozy rum cake yesterday (Friday) evening. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy baking? I also made merengues with the leftover egg whites.

I worked out during lunchtime yesterday, and it was already hot, hot, hot.

10 RFT
Plank + mountain climber/leg + pushup + strict C2B pull-up
Plank + mountain climber/leg + pushup + box jump (24″)
Plank + mountain climber/leg + pushup + strict HSPU
Plank + mountain climber/leg + pushup + WBS (20# & 10′)
Plank + mountain climber/leg + pushup + cluster (95#)

I then moved the workout outside.

10-9-8…3-2-1 medicine ball clean(s), 25#
Sprint uphill 25m
Walk to start

Today’s workout was fun! I set up workstations, beginning in garage, every 10m, i.e., box, HSPU (fence), and parallettes were 10m apart. It’s a good thing our driveway is 30m long.

12 RFT
Strict L-sit C2B pull-up + strict C2B pull-up + strict pull-up + strict K2E + strict T2B
Deadlift @ 200#
10m shuttle sprint carrying 25# medicine ball on right shoulder
5 box jumps, 24#
10m shuttle sprint carrying 45# sandbag on shoulders
3 strict HSPUs on fence
10m shuttle sprint carrying 53# KB in right hand
5 parallette pass throughs
10m shuttle sprint carrying KB in left hand
10m shuttle sprint carrying sandbag
10m shuttle sprint carrying medicine ball on left shoulder

As I’ve said repeatedly, any workout that includes shuttles sprints is a good workout.


My mother tells the following story. 

“You were 3 or 4 years old. One afternoon I was lying on the couch watching my stories when you fell asleep in my arms. When you awakened you yawned, stretched your arms, and said, ‘I love you, Mommy, because you’re soft in all of the right places.’” 


I endlessly worry about my mother, as she is in a high risk category for COVID-19. I’m pleased that she is heeding the SCIENTIFIC advice and self-quarantining, and I’m grateful that my sister-in-law is keeping a watchful eye on her.

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