That’s how a pronounce “roundabout.” I’m sooooo cosmopolitan.

I think/feel/believe I’m dealing with self-quarantine better than most folks for the following reasons:
1. I don’t like most people. There, I said it. I certainly don’t like hugging, encroachment of my personal space, and high 5s (or fist bumps, etc.).
2. I find solace in solitude. It’s why I enjoyed distance running and why I currently would much rather workout alone (more in a moment).
3. My passions and hobbies are well-suited for solitude, including walking Luke, baking, playing the piano, binge watching TV series, and writing.
4. Living in Asheville affords us the opportunity to be outdoors whilst still maintaining social distance. I could spend all day, beside times spent walking Luke and working out, on the deck. The bad kitties certainly prefer to do so.
5. We don’t have children to entertain. Let me say that again: WE DON’T HAVE CHILDREN TO ENTERTAIN.


I often dream lucidly. This occurs when one becomes aware that they are dreaming and can then alter or modify the story flow. I always dream in vivid colors. I’m often the major character in my dreams, although I’ve had many dreams that don’t include me at all. I see my dreams as a film, i.e., I’m not the lens of the camera but am an actor on the stage. There are many nights when I wake up from a dream (to pee, remove a cat from my chest, etc.) and when I return to sleeping continue the dream I was having. I also have recurring dreams, the most often being that I discover that I didn’t attend a required class, often a math class, and my degree is revoked. Other recurring dreams include not being prepared to teach a class, forgetting what I’m teaching, and being late for an event and knowing that I won’t be able to make it in time.

I often fly in my dreams, and when I do so I fly vertically, i.e., NOT like Superman. I merely rise from the ground and move forward, backward, and side to side. The feeling is exhilarating!

I have died in my dreams numerous times.


Jeff and I took Luke for a 1.5-mile walk and then I worked out.

Run 200m
Clean @ 95# and increasing weight 5# each round until failure; 3 attempts at any one weight allowed

I fucking needed this.

My goal was 165, as that’s the heaviest I’ve lifted well over 2 years. Folks, as you get older you naturally get weaker. It’s science. Don’t argue with me.

I easily cleaned 165, so I kept running and lifting, completing lifts @ 170 & 175 on first attempt and 180 on second attempt. I failed three times @ 185, and I’m fine with that. Nine rounds of running (one breath every third step) for a total of 3,800m or just shy of 2.5 miles.

The only thing I would do differently is run 200m between attempts. Instead, I rested about 30 seconds, just enough time to get all up inside my own head.

I grabbed my abacus, yoga mat, and 53# KB and headed to the end of the driveway. My neighbor, Brian, hinted that he’d like to join me, so I grabbed the 35# KB and showed him movement standards.

11-min AMRAP
Plank to KB + KB pushup + plyometric pushup L-side + plyometric pushups R-side + jump feet to KB + Russian KBS + American KBS + sprint 25m
Walk to workstation

I completed 15 or 16 rounds. Yup, I lost count, as I was coaching Brian and my mind was distracted.

We did indeed keep our distance, with Brian running on the E- whilst I ran on W-side of 5th Ave.

I then enjoyed a beermosa.

Jeff and I spent much time on the deck playing games and enjoying the other’s company. I’m a lucky man, as I sincerely enjoy spending time with my husband.

We then took Luke for 2-mile walk on a new greenway in the River Arts district. Again, we’re lucky to live is such a wonderful part of the state.

Oh, before I forget to mention: tRump is a narcissistic asshole. NO leader should be talking about their ratings. The man, for lack of a better term, lacks empathy, compassion, intelligences, a natural tan, etc.

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