I’m so freaking sick and tired of everyone using the word to describe the pandemic. Uhm, I would prefer “science predicted because this shit has happened before and will happen time and time again (if humans still even exist).”

My mother complimented me on the lemon-buttermilk pound cake I made and sent to her. She then casually mentioned that she’d like me to bake her “raisin field” cookies. I thought, “what the hell is a raisin field cookie?” I did a Google search. Oh, raisin “filled” cookie. She still has a southern accent. Yup, she was born a coal miner’s daughter. Anywho, I made a trial batch of the cookies, and OMFG they’re delicious! How do I know I’ve baked something good? When I tell Jeff that I’ll offer to neighbors and he says not to do so. Ha! I didn’t want me to share raisin filled cookies.

Jeff and I made a supply run to Aldi, ensuring that we wore rubber gloves. Folks did not practice social distancing, particularly children. Stay the fuck away. I was pleased that they had flour, butter, and sugar in stock.

Today’s workout was a doozy. And I loved every minute of it.

Max rep unbroken (or max rep desired based on FP) strict C2B pull-up UP TO 100 reps min; no resting at full extension; continue past 100 if able to complete FP
Complete same # of UNBROKEN FP, beginning at 95# and increasing weight 5# each round
Sprint 50m
35 double unders
Sprint 50m

Imagine trying to program and then explain to anyone else. Gah! I also know that lots of folks don’t like endurance workouts, particularly not on two consecutive days.

I completed 10 pull-ups the first round, thus I completed 10 FP @ 95#

6 @ 100
7 @ 105
6 @ 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
5 @ 140, 145, 150
6 @ 155
5 @ 160, 165
4 @ 170
3 @ 175
2 @ 180
1 @ 185 (100 total reps of pull-ups and FP)
1 @ 190
1 @ 195
Failed attempt @ 200

Given that I achieved a FP @ 95% of 1RM and it was the 102nd FP of the day, I’m pleased.

I changed grip for each round of pull-ups. The 5 FP @ 160 & 165 began to become challenging, so I intentionally decreased the number of reps of pull-ups the remaining rounds. Yup I could’ve continued at least 5 unbroken for all remaining rounds. It’s called strategy, folks.

I used an older rope and set up a workstation, well 50m from garage and in front of neighbor’s house. The road was uneven, the rope felt foreign, and it was windy; thus, I didn’t complete many rounds in unbroken reps. Uhm, and a total of 770 double unders. That is a workout in and of itself.

I find in interesting to look at heart rate during workout, as you can clearly see a spike whilst I was jumping rope.

Stay at home and social distancing for another month. I can handle that. As long as I get to take Luke for long walks, exercise, bake, and play the piano I’m good to go.


Here’s another recurring dream…

I am teaching a communication class attended by about 20 or so students. I am wearing a leather jacket. And that is all I’m wearing. No shoes, socks, underwear, or pants. The jacket just covers my anatomy. A student will inevitably ask, “Will you write that on the board?” I have to turn my back to the students to do so, but I do begin to write on the board at their insistence. When I do so I expose my buttocks and the students giggle. Funny, though, that no students object. 


Jeff asked me to assemble his elliptical/bike contraption, and it took me a couple of hours to do so. I’m just that nice.

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