A Minute A Round

It was a somewhat cold start to the morning, but that certainly didn’t keep me from going for a long walk with Luke! Today is my first official day of furlough. Me and millions of other people. I applied for unemployment. Uhm, because socialism needs to bail out capitalism every decade or so.

15 RFT
Clapping pushup + HR pushup + strict pushup + 3 mountain climbers + 3 grasshoppers + 3 jumping air squats + 3 strict ring dips + 30m sprint

My goal was a minute a round, and I finished strong in a time of 14:45.

10-8-6-4-2 strict & unbroken C2B pull-ups
30-20-15-10-5-second headstand with push off to freestanding handstand

I’ve improved significantly with push off. Uhm, up until today I couldn’t do at all, so there’s that.


At the age of 5 I was exceedingly excited to finally begin first grade at St. Joseph’s Elementary School!

Our first assignment was to write an essay about our summer vacation. I was exceedingly proud of my work, as I told the story of our family vacationing at Luray Caverns. I was heartbroken when I discovered that I didn’t get a perfect score on my essay. One word was circled in red with the spelling corrected. “I put on my bading suit and we went swimming.” As I heard “bading” and not “bathing,”so I spelled the word phonetically. I’m an exceptionally good speller, and it’s probably because I learned at a very early age the importance of being so.


I made homemade sauce (cooked for 8 hours), pasta, and bread. OMFG, I’m getting good at baking bread, and I certainly do enjoy doing so!

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