New CDC guidelines recommend wearing a face mask. This has as much if not more to do with keeping others from becoming infected. The asshole, of course, emphasizes that wearing a face mask is voluntary, and that he’s not going to wear one. You know, because he doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. There, I said it.

Jeff and I took Luke for a 2-mile walk, and I then cleaned out the storage area of the garage. My tools are now organized. I took my bike back to MustAsheville Bikes, as the rear tire wasn’t sealed correctly. Jeff and I took Luke for yet another walk whilst the tire was being repaired. Curb side service from Taco Billy for lunch.

What next? A 7-mile bike ride around the ‘hood. And the ‘hood has hills. I do truly enjoy riding the bike, but don’t feel like I get a strenuous enough workout when I do so.

Strict pushup + 205# DL + forward jump over barbell
100m run carrying 45# sandbag

Moderately heavy deadlifts combined with running under distress is always a good combination.

Hosted a 6′ apart get together with some of the neighbors, and once again provided treats.

Jeff and I are getting along fine during the quarantine. The secret is to ensure that we spend a least a couple of hours apart from each other. My happy place is lying in the hammock on the deck, whilst Jeff prefers lounging on the couch and watching TV. And that’s fine with me.

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