PB & Banana

Friday, April 10

‘Twas a busy day, as most days have been. And I like it. I made banana cupcakes with cream cheese and peanut butter frosting topped with (homemade) banana chips. Delicious.

10-9-8…3-2-1 strict and slow ring dips
5 HPS @ 75#
Run 100m

I then spend 3 hours preparing the yard for the mulch that arrives Monday. Oh, and lots of walk with Luke.

Saturday, April 11

Jeff and I took Luke for a 5K walk and then made a delicious breakfast.

30-second 1-armed dead hang hold each arm & L-sit

At 11 I joined a group of Triangle friends for 48 burpees to celebrate Wendy’s 48th birthday. I completed strict with strict pull-ups in just under 7 minutes. Did I mention I was wearing a 20# weight vest? Fun!

Every 45 seconds for 30 rounds
Strict L-sit C2B pull-up + DL + strict HSPU or wall crawl & wall facing HSPU (odd & even # rounds, respectively)
DL 10 rounds @ 185, 10 @ 225, 5 @ 275, then 280, 285, 290, 295, & 300#

Nothing too challenging. I then practiced freestanding HSPUs.

Bike 1+ miles
15 strict & unbroken K2E

There are some hills in Asheville, so that went strenuous uphill and relaxing downhill rides. Fifteen was just the right reps.

The idiot in charge is only concerned with himself and his cronies. I’m dumbfounded by people who claim to be pro life but are anything but.


In preparation for my First Holy Communion, the priests and nuns had conveyed the seriousness and solemnity of the event. My First Holy Communion was held at a church in Stone Harbor, NJ (as a Bishop led the ceremony).

As was often the case, we were arranged in size order from shortest to tallest, and as I was always the shortest I was the first to enter and leave the confessional. “This is my first confession, and these are my sins.” I can’t recall what I confessed to, but I’m sure it included taking the Lord’s name in vain. I was told to say one Our Father and five Hail Marys.

I walked to the alter, knelt, and very slowly said my prayers. Very, very slowly, thinking about each and every word. My peers, however, said their prayers as quickly as they could, so even though I was the first to begin I was one of the last to finish my confessional prayers. Evidently this was of much concern to my mother, for she later asked, “How much sinning have you done that the priest would tell you to say so many prayers?” I explained to her how seriously I had taken the prayers, and she was relieved. Somewhat, at least.


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