That’s how many words a minute I type, and this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well. First, I play the piano and therefore have the finger dexterity and the ability to NOT look at my fingers as I type. Second, I’m auditory, so I “hear” myself (or others) saying the words and those words then migrate to my fingers. Third, I’m fucking awesome. That should be #1.

I took a typing class in high school, and I remember it well for both bad and good reasons. The teacher was Mrs. Hammond, and on the first day of class she asked my why I was taking her class. I explained that, as I was planning on going to college, it would be a much needed and used skill. “That’s what secretaries are for, and only girls should be secretaries. I suggest that you drop my class.”

I informed my mother, she called the principal, and I remained in the class. Mrs. Hammond offered no apology, of course.

Uhm, and I was the fastest and most accurate typist in the class. Keep in mind that this was way back in the dark ages when we had electric typewriters and had to use whiteout to correct mistakes. It truly pained Mrs. Hammond that I was so proficient. Ha!

10 RFT whilst wearing 25# weight vest
Bike 400m
5 thrusters @ 75#
5 6-count burpees

This was quite challenging, as I felt, well, 25 pounds heavier.

25m uphill sled pulls without stopping, i.e., continuous movement

I completed rounds @ 100, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 16, 175, 185, & 200#. That last round was tough.

A few other workouts I’ve completed during the quarantine…

20-15-10-5 unbroken DLs @ 155#
80-60-40-20 unbroken LBHs

25 MCs
5 DLs @ 175#
15 MCs
3 DLs
5 MCs
1 DL
Run 400m

Set up 35, 53, & 70# KBs
Pushup with hand on KB + tricep pu + other hand on KB + hand on 2 KBs, +…

I don’t care to explain any further. I did go in both directions of KBs. Was 11 pus a round and I did 7 rounds.

5 rounds of 5 reps of DL, BOR, HPC, HS + spring 10 m + forward roll + sprint 5 m + 5 parallette pass throughs + 5m sprint + forward roll + 10m sprint @ 75#
Then 4 rounds of 4 @ 80, 3 rounds of 3 @ 85, 2 rounds of 2 @ 90, rounds @ 95, 100, 105, and 1 rounds of 5 reps @ 110

Try explaining that to a group of CrossFitters. Ha!

I saw a recipe for a black-licorice chocolate bundt cake. It may very well be the best cake I’ve ever made, and I make some mean cakes, yo.

Things I truly enjoy:

  1. Time spent with my husband. We truly get along splendidly, and enjoy each other’s company tremendously. No one makes me laugh as much or as hard as Jeff.
  2. Luke, Meg, and Zac, the world’s best dog and kitties.
  3. Exercising, including daily walks.
  4. Baking and cooking, but mostly baking delicious treats like cakes, pies, and cookies (in that order). I also enjoy sharing treats with some neighbors and friends.
  5. Playing the piano. It gives me great pleasure and enjoyment to do so. And I’m getting better every day.
  6. Writing. Boom.
  7. Solitude.

Given this, I’m quite enjoying quarantining.

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