Mah Arms!

Thursday, April 30

Another day, another long walk with Luke! I modified the day’s CrossFit WOD, you know, to make a little more challenging.

Strict handstand push-up ladder
Rest 3 minutes
Strict ring dip ladder
Rest 3 minutes
Strict hand release push-up ladder
For the ladder pattern, perform 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the second minute, 3 reps the third minute, etc., continuing as long as you are able.

I set a goal to complete 10, 15, & 20 rounds for HSPUs, ring dips and HRPUs, respectively. I exceeded that goal.

I was able to complete HSPUs in unbroken reps through the round of 7. By the end of round 8, my arms were getting tired and rest time, of course, was decreasing. Imagine that! I got in the 10th rep of the 10th round with just a second to spare. No point in attempting 11.

Ring dips are a strength, and I completed in unbroken reps through round 12. Again, my arms were getting tired and I completed 18th rep of the 18th round with just 3 seconds to spare.

I completed 15 rounds of HRPUs in unbroken reps. Whew. I completed the 21st rep of the 21st round with 2 seconds to spare. I. Was. Duhn.

That’s 55 HSPUs, 171 ring dips, and 231 HRPUs, and 457 total reps.

The Parks & Recreation Special was awesome!

White privilege is happening at the state capitol of Michigan, and it’s being support by the idiot in the WH.

Friday, May 1

Yup, the start of a new month! And my arms are sore.

Luke and I went for close to a 4-mile walk, and it was good.

25 RFT
5 hands over head + toe touches
5/leg box step ups, 20″
5 air squats

I programmed a workout that would allow consistent movement with little rest that wild last about 20 minutes, and this was perfect.

I had been CrossFitting for just a couple of months when muscle ups were programmed as part of a metcon. After the session I asked the coach, who shall remain nameless, if I could attempt. He said, “Sure, but no one gets a muscle up on their first attempt.” And I rather easily completed a kipping muscle up. “Can I put my name on the board?” I asked? “No. You can only put your name on the board if you complete a second rep.” So I did. And he was noticeably upset, perhaps a little jealous, and not the least bit encouraging. Some people shouldn’t be coaches.

My view whilst blogging.

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