Biking Karen

I haven’t blogged in quite a few days, so this may be a hot mess.

Jeff and I spent a few days at Carolina Beach, where folks are idiots. It was if there was no pandemic, i.e., very few people wearing face masks in public, complete disregard for social distancing, etc. The one exception was early-morning walks on the beach, as few people were out and about and there was more than enough room for the three of us to make a wide berth around people.

I was both shell-shocked and not the least bit surprised by the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery. Yes, lynching. I included a workout whilst at CB that included running, and I thought about many things, including racism, oppression, white privilege, and that fucking idiot it chief. It is beyond my level of comprehension how someone can think that any race is superior. Or gender, or sexual orientation, or ability.

35-30-25-20-15-10-5 Russian KBS, 44#
Run “around the block” after each round

Is there hope? The townhouse directly across from ours used to fly a flag, and you know the one I’m talking about. I got to exercise my middle fingers each time I glanced at said flat. The residents are now flying an American flag. However, another townhouse just three doors down from ours flies a Confederate flag. Uhm, and I witnessed the owner (driving a Hummer, of course) LOUDLY playing rap music. Rap music performed by an African American artist. WTF? It gets better. I then witnessed a young man, probably in his late teens or early twenties, who resides in the townhouse entertaining a couple of what I assume were his African American friends. They were playing basketball in the driveway. With the Confederate flag flying for all to see. WTAF?

10 rounds
1 45# plate pushup (rep = tricep + r decline + l decline pushups)
3 plate presses
3 BS with plate
3 box jumps on plate (27″)
5 rounds
2 45# plate pushups
6 plate presses
6 BS with plate
6 box jumps on plate (27″)

Uhm, I can’t recall the specifics of another workout that I did, but I know that the end of each of the 55 rounds included a strict HSPU ending with freestanding handstand. I even completed quite a few HSPUs without my heels touching the wall during the ascent. I’ve significantly improved, and this is likely because of the practicing wall-facing HSPU. I’ve found my center of gravity!

I’ve also significantly improved my piano playing. Yup, there’s something to be said for having the time and commitment to practice. Much like exercising, I always play better when I warm up first.

Things I’ve baked since last posting: strawberry-rhubarb pie, lemon-ohs, and thin mints. Thin mints!

Monday, May 11
Every 45 seconds for 35 rounds
3 kipping pull-ups
9 heel raise air squats

Tuesday, May 12
15 RFT
Bike 400m
10 unbroken WBS, 20# & 10′

To disassociate from the awfulness that is WBS, I inhaled at bottom of squat and loudly exhaled when WB hit target.


I am musical, but I don’t have a pleasant singing voice. I can sing on key, but that’s about it. There, I said it. No one in my family sings well. My mother likes to sing but is often in a key of her own. I can’t recall ever hearing my father sing, although he liked to whistle.

I was in 1st grade and vividly recall preparing for an assembly to be performed at St. Joseph’s. Sister Roberta Ann had us all singing and said, “Something doesn’t sound right. Paul, don’t sing this time.” I was mortified, but did as I was told. As soon as everyone finished the song she said, “Yes, that was the problem. Paul, just move your lips and pretend to sing.”

I was never physically accosted by a nun, but was occasionally the recipient of emotional abuse.


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