The past two weeks have been, in a word, overwhelming. I’ve experienced deep despair and utter elation. Despair at the way POC are treated and elation at the enormous peaceful protests demonstrating support.

Shit has got to change. And it’s finally beginning to happen. And it only took us 400 years.

And there’s the shitshow that is Glassman. I am utterly disgusted by his remarks as well as his lack of these three words: black lives matter. I’m convinced he watches Fox News and ONLY Fox News. I’m glad that I no longer own a box. If I did, I would disaffiliate immediately. Some boxes are beginning to do just that.

It is beyond my level of comprehension how anyone with even a modicum of morality could support that travesty currently cowering in the baby gate surrounding his residence. Lying sack of shit.

Whew, there’s so much more to say, but instead I’ll record a few recent workouts. Uhm, those that I can recall.

30 RFT
10 jumping air squats + fast 10m sprint; walk to start for recovery

20 RFT
10 strict pushups + fast 10m sprint; walk to start for recovery

30 RFT
5 clapping pushups + fast 10m sprint; walk to start for recovery

For any workout with 10 sprints, I ensured I took a breath every other step. I ended up sprinting about 25m each round, as I also ensured that I ran through the finish line.

It appears that I can easily recall workouts that include running.

11 RFT
Wall crawl
Wall-facing HSPU
11 tRump (i.e., Russian) KB swings, 60#

45 RFT
Strict L-sit C2B pull-up
Strict C2B pull-up
15 unbroken double unders
Strict HRPU
Strict HSPU

25 RFT
4 “rotating” box jumps
5 DLs @ 205#

16 RFT
Bike 400m
11 V-ups
Run 400m

25 RFT
Strict pushup + HRPU + clapping PU + strict PU
5 air squats
Slow & strict C2B pull-up + strict pull-up

9 WBS (20# & 10′)
3 floor presses @ 155#
Run 200m

There were many more workouts that I doubt I’ll ever be able to recall.


It’s Pride month.

I was 19 or 20 when I attended my first Pride celebration that was held, if memory serves, in Pittsburgh, PA. Or somewhere in northern WV. Anywho…

It was incredible being around so many like minded people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and orientations. It was the late 80s, so BIG hair and short-shorts were also in fashion, so there’s that.

What I recall vividly is using the urinal, as it was just a long trough along a wall of the restroom. I had just unzipped when a rather gorgeous man entered and positioned himself beside me, and yes, there was more than enough room for him to allow adequate space between the two of us. Uhm, he chose not to.

And then he glanced down at my penis. Noticing that he did so, I looked toward him. He made eye contact, smiled, and said “Nice.”

At the was the moment that I became pee shy. That moment right there. I have not been able to pee in front of anyone other than my husband (and that’s very infrequent) since that very moment.

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