Wonderful World

I am holding out hope that the world is finally changing for the better. Yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling was welcome and long overdue.

10 rounds
100m row + 5 strict pushups + 1 C2B strict pull-up
5 rounds
100m row + 10 strict pushups + 2 C2B strict pull-ups
1 round each of
100m row + 15, 20, 25, 30, & 35 strict pushups + 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 C2B strict pull-ups

I like workouts that get progressively more difficult. This was just that kind of workout.

5 SDHPs @ 100#
Sprint 10m; walk to start for recovery

30 RFT
KB pushup alternating arm + Russian KBS + 15m sprint + run backwards 15m; begin with L & R arms odd and even # rounds, respectively

10 unbroken clapping pushups
Sprint 10m
Walk to start for recovery

10 rounds | Plate pushup + plate press + plate squat + box jump, 27″ (place plate on box) @ 45#
9 rounds | 2 plate pushups + 2 plate presses + 2 plate squats + 2 box jumps
8 rounds | 3 plate pushups + 3 plate presses + 3 plate squats + 3 box jumps
7 rounds | 4 plate pushups + 4 plate presses + 4 plate squats + 4 box jumps
6 rounds | 5 plate pushups + 5 plate presses + 5 plate squats + 5 box jumps

I’ve just about removed all of the toxic people from my life, although there are a few “mildly” (the term Jeff uses) racist family members. Aaaaaand some not so mildly racist family member that I don’t at all communicate with.

I would like to see EVERY monument removed as well as every military base, city, street, etc. renamed. Glee lasted longer than the Confederacy. A confederate flag isn’t a sign of heritage, it’s an homage to a group of people who owned slaves, who went to war to keep slaves, and who would still like to own slaves.

The CrossFit fallout has grown silent. I have, however, been keeping track of which boxes have and have not disaffiliated. CrossFit is in need of new leadership, anti-racist leadership, and likely a new fucking name.

Whilst failing at math, as was still a very good high school student, excelling in English, science, and (of course) music. My GPA was certainly high enough to qualify for the National Honor Society. My first eligibility was when I was a Junior. But I wasn’t given the award. A trusted teacher took me aside and said that one of the teachers stated that “Paul marched to the beat of a different drummer.” Translation: Paul is gay, and therefore not eligible for the National Honor Society.

To be honest, I couldn’t care less. I had more important things to consider than becoming a member of a group that, well, didn’t resonate with me. Why not? Because I had already been inducted into the Modern Music Masters. And I had a boyfriend. Boom.

I was made a member of the National Honor Society my senior year. I learned that some of my teachers stood up for me and demanded that I be granted membership.

Throughout my life I’ve always had supporters, and most of them have been teachers.

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