End with a bang?

I certainly have gotten out of the habit of regularly blogging, and I think the reason is that in the past my entries have focused on exercising. I began by blogging about races that I ran, and then switched to CrossFit. As I’m no longer a runner, let along a racer, and since I no longer consider myself a CrossFitter, well, there’s not much to write about.

I suppose I could record my thoughts on workouts I’ve completed on the stationary bike, but they’d all sound about the same: warmed up, did hill repeats OR intervals OR rhythm ride OR endurance ride and then cooled down. Booooring.

I do, of course, still run, lift weights, and complete metcons. And I haven’t been injured in years. Perhaps most importantly, I can say with all honesty that I do NOT miss working out in a group setting. I benefit much more when I focus on my own wants, needs, and desires.

I also don’t miss coaching. Sorry, not sorry.

I recently completed the following…

Stiff-legged deadlift + hang power clean + push press + bent over row
10 reps of @ 75, 80, 85, & 90#
Then 10 singles beginning @ 95 and ending @ 140#

That’s 50 total reps, and I focused on proper form each and every rep. And I never dropped the bar.

(Meg just sat on my lap. Bad kitty.)

The last rep was at bodyweight. Yup, I now consistently weigh 140#.

Here’s another workout…

15 RFT
Pushup + wall crawl + burpee
5 strict K2E
5 box jump + stiff-legged to touch

I watched a 4-part documentary on Heaven’s Gate. A sociologist stated the people often think that cults are only religious, when there are many different types of cults. Yup, that includes political. That’s all that I’ll say.

I’ve also been binge watching Bob’s Burgers. Uhm, this isn’t the first time I’ve watched the episodes. Seasons 5 & 6 are my favorites.

This year I binge watched (and thoroughly enjoyed doing so) Breaking Bad, The Leftovers, What We Do In The Shadows, Archer, and The Good Place. And I recommend you do the same.

Uhm, I see folks NOT adhering to CDC guidelines regarding travel, masks, and social distancing. The most egregious behaviors are insisting on visiting with family members/friends in large groups. I’d much rather visit post-pandemic then, well, not be able to visit at all.

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