Me Emcee

I am truly enjoying being gainfully unemployed. For the first time, well, since I started my most recent job I have been (somewhat) sleeping through the night. Yes, I still wake up at least once during the night, you know, to pee, but I easily fall back asleep. In other words, I’m not riddled with anxiety, worry, or dread. Yaaaas!

Better Call Saul was as good as Breaking Bad. There, I said it. Both shows ended perfectly. Andor is better than The Mandalorian. Yes, I said that as well.

Last week I had the honor to be the Emcee and host for the NCSHRM annual conference. Why was I invited to do so, you ask? Because Jeff is the director of said conference. We had discussed his expectations months ago and I admit having forgotten most of what we discussed. Whilst there he reminded me to be “over the top,” something I used to be much comfortable doing (the reasons why I’ll share at a later date). Being over the top included welcoming and warming up the audience five minutes before the first presenter each of the three days of the conference. I am good at thinking on my feet. Topics discussed included where folks were from, shows they binged watched, key takeaways. But not politics. So there’s that.

I also attended all of the main stage sessions. Some of the speakers were good and others were not so good. Notice I didn’t say terrible, even though I really want to. Anyone who knows me well knows that I do not like inspirational speakers and by my count at least three were indeed inspirational speakers. Gah! One of the speakers used a video to introduce themself. Fine. The audience learned that they was a world champion athlete (I shan’t name the sport), in same sex marriage, involved with animal rescue, and a cancer survivor. Then during the hour speech provided us with that information. Uhm, kinda sorta lost the impact.

I perceived another speaker to be a misogynist and likely racist. Three speakers cried, and I found all three to be contrived and manipulative. Just my opinion, K? K.

Outlander update. Finished season 3, about to begin season 4. If you haven’t watched Reboot on Hulu you should start doing so now.

Pizza dough update. I have perfected light and fluffy dough. What shall I master next?

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