Out of sight? Out of mind.

Kirk led the 6am session at CFBC, and there were 5 athletes in attendance, including yours truly. Five male athletes. What? No women?

Kirk led us through a great warmup and mobility session before we moved to the push press.

Push Press

Kirk reviewed proper form, and we were instructed to do 10 reps with just the bar. I felt strong this morning, and I’m almost free of pain in my left shoulder (although I still experience numbness in my left thumb). I recorded all sets. I also received coaching from Kirk on all sets as well.

Here are the specific things Kirk noticed as well as his suggestions for improvement:

  • I tend to dip/drop too quickly. I obviously needed to slow down.
  • I slowed down but added a pause at the bottom. Uhm, I needed to immediately explode at the bottom of the dip.
  • From a side angle, Kirk noticed that the bar was leaving my shoulders. Why? Because I was still dipping/dropping too quickly. “Be methodical,” Kirk suggested. I was, and the issue was resolved.

I completed sets @ 65, 85, 100, 110, and 120#. Kirk observed set @ 120 and provided positive feedback. I asked, “Should I do another set? Should I attempt to go to failure?” Please note that even coaches can experience moments of insecurity. Okay? Okay. Going on. Kirk replied, “Yes, you can do another set and see if you can get in 3 or 4 good reps before you have to drop the bar.” “How much weight should I go up?” I asked. “That’s 120? Do 125. Don’t put 135 on the bar.” Ha! That made me laugh.

I did one last set @ 125#, and all 5 reps were successful. I immediately looked toward Kirk even before racking the bar. Kirk said, “You sold yourself short. You should have lifted 135.” Ha! I felt strong and in control this morning, and I like that! I certainly give Kirk much credit for the excellent coaching he provided.

I completed 5 reps @ 80% of 1RM of 155# and 5 reps @ 87% of bodyweight. You are probably in awe, as well you should be.

5 Rounds:

  • 4 Seated Box Jumps (increasing height each round)
  • Sprint out the back door to the curb and back

This is not for time but be conscious of your time.  Rest should be limited to you adjusting your box height and then jumping.

I haven’t done seated box jumps in a very long time. Even though Kirk thought I’d be too short to use, I was able to sit on a bench and still have upper leg parallel to ground. Remember, Kirk, that I have long arms and legs.

This was a tremendous amount of fun!

I completed the first round jumping 24”. Jumps were fast, as was the sprint. Duh. I nonetheless decided to ease into things and merely put a 10# plate on 24” box for a height of 25#. Fast and furious it was. I placed a 25# plate on the box for a height of 26”. Easy. I placed a 45# plate on 24” box for a height of 26 ¾”. Still easy. Uhm, I was running out of rounds. I jumped to a height of 30”. Easy. I put a 25# plate and jumped to a height of 32”. “Kirk, may we do more than 5 rounds?” “We have time, yes,” Kirk replied. I put a 45# plate on the 30” box and jumped 32 3/4”. Easy. Two, 45# plates to a height of 35.5”. Still easy.

Daryl had begun to put away the plates he was using. I made direct eye contact with him, but didn’t say a word. He kept going. Ha!

I added at 25# plate and jumped to a final height of 38.5”. I reminded Kirk of my awesomeness. He didn’t need to be reminded.

IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318

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