This may require math

I'm teaching Glenda how to rest.
I’m teaching Glenda how to rest.

I’m exhausted. And I feel wonderful! I coached at CFS at 6, 7:15, 8:30, & 11:45 am as well as CFE at CFBC at 5 and once again at CFS at 6:30 and 7:30 pm. Wow.

Today was a partner WOD. Fortunately for Emily Rob has returned! Unfortunately for Emily’s husband, Alex, Deborah and Steve attended the 8:30 session so that they could WOD as a couple. I had just returned from the restroom when I overheard Alex say incredulously,  “So, that means I have to work out with Paul?” Ha!

Jannicka, Fanny, and Roda attended the 11:45. There was much discussion about partners, but in the end I asked Roda to decide. She said, “I choose you, Paul.” She’s as smart as she is strong.

All partners had been selected for the 6:30 session when who should arrive (almost late ) but Lauren. As she was without a partner — you guessed it — I did the WOD once again.

Partner WOD
12-min AMRAP
5 box jumps (20/24)
10 burpees
15 air squats

Partners will take turns completing rounds, i.e., Partner A will complete box jumps, burpees, and air squats as Partner B rests.

If 1 or both partners are up for a challenge…
5 box jumps (24/30)
10 twisting burpees
15 air squats (20/30# slam ball)

Rest exactly 2 minutes

12-min AMRAP
5 KB swings (35/52)
10 burpees
15 barbell jump overs

Again, partners will take turns completing rounds.

If 1 or both partners are still up for a challenge…
5 1-armed KB swings (35/52)
10 6-count burpees
15 bench jump overs

Okay, so to level the playing field, namely the rest time, I completed 30″ box jumps, slam ball burpees (25# with Alex, 20# with Roda, and 15# Lauren), slam ball air squats (30# with Alex, 25# with Roda, and 20# with Lauren), 1-armed KB swings using 44# KB, and bench jump overs.

Alex = 15+24
Roda = 15 + 4
Lauren = 18 + 20

Let’s conservatively say that I completed 48 rounds and say I did half, 24. I did 12 rounds of each set. That’s 60 box jumps, 240 slam ball burpees (as I did slam ball burpees throughout), 180 slam ball air squats, and 180 bench jump overs.

Did I do the math correctly?

I also did all rounds of reps unbroken. Don’t believe me? Ask Alex, Roda, and/or Lauren.

I very much enjoyed today. As it was a partner WOD I was still able to coach. As all who attended today were familiar with all of the activities, I trusted each and everyone person to focus on form.

I’m also a pretty funny guy. You should visit CFS to discover just how funny (and awesome and awesomely funny) I am.

I’m also very modest.

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