These glutes are on fire


The title of this blog says it all. After completing over 600 lateral bar hops just yesterday, my glutes are sore, sore, sore.

I began the day by taking the CrossFit Surmount Mascot for a well-deserved walk. I then coached the 8:45, attended the 10, and then coached the Community WOD. This means that Jeff coached at 10! He had an “incident” while attempting a max height box jump, so I’m glad that he was up to the task.

It appears that most people are either out of town or resting today. And that’s fine. Melinda was the only person to attend the 11 session, so I had the pleasure of working out with her! She swears like a sailor, or at least that what I’ve been told. I was grunting and swearing so loudly myself that I couldn’t have conceivably heard anyone else.

Speaking of Melinda, I’m very proud of her, Tom, Alex, Fanny, and Lauren for achieving max height box jumps PRs. I’m most proud of Marianne, as she overcame her fear of the box jump and successfully and repeatedly jumped 20″. Yay!

I did not, however, attempt a max height box jump for fear of scraping my healing right leg.

1 power snatch
10 double unders
2 power snatches
20 double unders
3 power snatches
30 double unders

10 power snatches
100 double unders
18-minute time cap

Having just coached this metcon, I kinda knew what to expect. My only wish is that I had extended time to 20 minutes, as I then would’ve been able to complete all rounds. Dammit.

Wait, that’s not my only wish. I also wish that Amy Scott didn’t hate running so much.

As Jeff had power snatched 75#, I did the same, and I’m glad that I did, as I was able to complete all reps. I think I’m getting stronger. I know my form has improved dramatically.

Double unders went smoothly for the most part as well, and I was usually able to complete 30 or more unbroken at a time. I was very pleased when I strung together the last 61 of the round of 90 unbroken. I almost wanted to keep going.

Two things to note:
1. It’s very hard to will myself to begin doing double unders once I’ve stopped or failed. In other words, I’d complete 40 of the round of 50 and would have a difficult time willing myself to start jumping that damn rope once again and complete that last 10 reps.
2. I’ve gotten into the habit of completing an extra double under at the end of most rounds. I’m so concerned with missing the very last rep that I continue jumping once I’ve completed the last jump.

I often dropped the bar once I completed a snatch. Jeff said, “Shouldn’t you be bringing the bar to the floor after each rep?” “I own the box, so I’ll do whatever I want,” I replied.

The 18 minutes flew by far too fast.

I completed 9 rounds + 10 power snatches + 4 double unders.
That’s 55 power snatches and 454 double unders.

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