Yup, the title of this blog is an inside joke. We have much fun at CFS, and if you’re not a member you’re missing out.

Luke and I enjoyed a nice long walk in the somewhat cool morning air. Our neighborhood is overrun with rabbits. As such, he’s lost all interest in squirrels.

I coached the 8:45 and attended the 1o am session — led by Jeffy! As I hadn’t yet establish 3RM dead-lift I did so today. I completed sets of 3 reps @ 315#, over 90% of 1RM. It was quite a struggle.

12-minutes total
7-min AMRAP
14 V-ups 
14 KB or DB squats 
7 per leg (14 total) lunges (forward and/or reverse) holding KB or DB
5-min AMRAP
Max rep burpees touching bar 6″ above reach

What a tremendous amount of fun this was! Unlike many metcons, I didn’t complete this before programming — and I’m glad that I didn’t, as I may have made it easier.

My goal was to complete all rounds of V-ups, squats, and lunges unbroken, and to complete at least 60 burpees.

I used 35# KBs for squats and 35# dumbbells for lunges. I have the boniest damn shoulders; thus resting KBs and/or DBs or my shoulders is painful. I completed 4 rounds + 8 V-ups. Uhm, yeah, so keep in mind that 70% is half of my bodyweight. 

I took too much time recording rounds and reps before transitioning into burpees. I completed 68 reps and missed the 69th rep by a mere jump.

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