Lateral Hopping


Having not worked out Saturday or Sunday, I was anxious to do so today. A good time was had by all me.

I coached the 6 am session and first worked out at 7:15. I completed today’s metcon.

Death by Overhead Squats (95/63)

With a continuously running clock complete 1 OHS (@ 65 of 1RM) the 1st minute, 2 OHS the 2nd minute, 3 OHS the 3rd minute, etc., continuing as long as you are able to complete required reps within the minute.

I challenged myself today, yo. I completed OHS at prescribed weight and determined that I would only count round if all reps were unbroken.

I. Love. Overhead. Squats.

I completed 8 rounds. I completed 7 reps of the 9th round but then lost my balance and dropped the bar.

Am I unhappy with my performance? Hell, no! I easily power snatched the bar at the start of each rep, 95# is 73% of  OHS 1RM, and all my squats upon review were good reps.

Yup, I call “no rep” on myself if need be.


Okay, I admit to being somewhat interested in possibly competing perhaps maybe if I feel so inspired. I have only been able to complete false grip muscle-ups, which isn’t up to standards, so I set a goal to attempt regular grip muscle-ups. What’s the opposite of false grip? True grip? Okay, that then.

I positioned the rings, swung my legs 3 or 4 times, completed 1 and then another and said (to no one at all), “Well I’ll be damned! I had no idea I could do that. Wow!” I completed a 3rd. That’s 3 unbroken. In my excitement to view the recording I dropped from the rings.

I then completed 5 unbroken muscle ups — with turnout. Yes, with turnout.

I coached the 8:30 session, visited my chiropractor, and returned to the box to complete tomorrow’s metcon. I’m glad that I did, as I’ve since posted two options. I completed what is now option B.

Option B
5 toes to bar
10 ring pushups
15 lateral bar hops
10 T2B
20 pushups
30 lateral bar hops
15 T2B
30 pushups
45 lateral bar hops
20 T2B
40 pushups
60 lateral hops
25 T2B
50 pushups
75 lateral bar hops

My only goal was to complete all rounds of lateral bar hops unbroken, and even that was a challenge. I did complete the first 2 rounds of toes to bar as well as ring pushups unbroken.

About toes to bar. I’m sometimes concerned, upon reviewing recording, that I’m not extending my hips enough, so today I focused on that. Look at the screen shot. What do you think?

I completed most toes to bar in unbroken sets, but at times near the end of the metcon completed one at a time. I completed ring pushups in sets of no less than 5 reps.

Yup, all unbroken lateral bar hops. I so very much wanted to stop and rest during the last round of 75.

Time: 14:31

As many faithful readers know, I was the Head Judge at the Throwdown in the Triangle this past weekend. It was an awesome experience! Uhm, yeah, so my judging credentials were questioned by an individual who shall not be named.

Have I been weightlifting and/or Olympic lifting as long as some other coaches? No. Do I know the requirements for proper form and execution? Yes. Does CrossFit involve more than just weightlifting and Olympic lifting? Yes.

I am an accomplished runner. I don’t question the ability of other coaches to train people how to run. I have exceptional endurance. I don’t question the ability of other coaches to lead an endurance metcon because they don’t possess this same trait.

Ego, ego, ego. Envy, envy, envy.

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