Problems with pacing.

photo-20I finally have a moment to blog. I’ve been very busy coaching, programming, painting the new space, and getting ready for the CrossFit Surmount 1-Year Anniversary.

I worked out with the 11:45 am crew yesterday. ‘Twas fun!

With a clock running for 25 minutes, take a maximum of 5 minutes/activity to establish 1RM of 4 to 5 of the following:
Weighted pull-up
Weighted pushup
Weighted ring dip
Weighted plank hold (note weight and time held)
Maximum time vertical ring hold (up to 4 minutes)
Maximum time chin held above the bar (up to 4 minutes)

Weighted pull-up = 65#
Weighted pushup = 115#
Vertical ring hold = 2 min
Weighted ring dip = 107#

11-min AMRAP
24′ broad jump
10/leg overhead weighted walking lunges (45/35)
10 “half” negative pushups, alternating hands on plate
25 sprinting single unders

This was tough, particularly the walking overhead lunges. My goal was to complete 5 rounds, and I achieved that goal, plus 6, 4′ lunges. Yay! I didn’t, however, complete lunges or pushups unbroken.

Worse still, painting with the roller was, well, painful. More overhead? No, thanks.

I didn’t take an afternoon nap yesterday. Dammit.

I had planned on paining this afternoon and then working out with the 4 or 5:15 folks. Coach Liz was unfortunately unable to lead the sessions. I had just settled down for my afternoon nap when she let me know, via text, that I’d be covering her sessions. I jumped out of bed and headed to the box. Sometimes you have to make time to work out.

I didn’t take an afternoon nap today. Dammit.

Rope climbs

I practiced many a rope climb today, as I demonstrated for all but the last session. I also demonstrated legs-free as well. Upper body strength? Yup, I have that. In spade.

15 wall ball shots (20# & 10′)
25 wall ball sit-ups
15 good mornings (95#)
Run 600m

While I enjoyed this workout, I would’ve much preferred to complete with others, as I’m concerned that my pacing might be askew. (Can pacing be askew?) My goal was to work continuously, and to complete all rounds of reps unbroken. I achieved this goal.

I also paid close attention to splits, attempting to complete rounds in even splits.

Rounds 1, 2, 3, & 4 in 5:10 (you can’t get much more even than that) and the last round in 4:41. Uhm, 29 seconds faster? If I was able to complete that last round that quickly, I should’ve completed the previous rounds faster. Yes, wall ball shots, sit-ups, and good mornings were done unbroken — but I could’ve also completed faster.


Time = 25:21


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