photo-57I took Luke for a long walk this morning, and arrived at the box shortly after 8. I worked out with the 8:30 am athletes, and what a workout it was!

EMOTM for 5 minutes complete 5 reps @ 75% of 1RM (if applicable) of each of the activities; rest 5 minutes between activities

Front squats (160#)
Sumo dead-lifts (280#)
Strict dead-hang pull-ups
Strict presses (100#)


5-min AMRAP
Double unders

I chose the rack to the far left, and Emily was to my immediate right. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work out beside me, and I breathe very loudly. Uhm, as one should.

As I mentioned in the blog, the lifts were meant to feel heavy. The SDL felt the heaviest, followed by the FS and presses. Huh? I thought the presses were going to be the most difficult, but presses 100# felt quite easy. That’s not to say that the last couple of reps weren’t a struggle, but, unlike quite a few folks, I completed all reps. Of FS, SDL, and strict pull-ups as well.

Dead-hang pull-ups went well. Once again, the last few reps were a struggle — but were manageable. Yay!

This was one of my favorite Sunday challenges, as the 5-minute rest was just the right amount. Could I have rested for a shorter period of time and still completed reps? Quite likely. Having 5 minutes to rest allowed for just the right amount of recovery but not so much time that I cooled down. Does that make sense? Make sense to me.

I set a goal to complete a minimum of 300 double unders. I rested when needed, and completed as many as 40 unbroken. I had completed 300 with 15 seconds remaining, and was pleased that I was able to complete 20 more reps. Yup, that makes a total of 320.

I coached the 9:45 and 11 am sessions, Jeff and I went to lunch with Brenda and Larry, I cleaned the box (including mopping 6K sq ft of floors), and then took Luke for another long walk around Lake Pine. What an exhausting day!

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