Christmas in July

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“The 12 Days of CrossFit”

1 wall crawl OR rope climb OR skin the cat
2 handstand pushups
3 chest to bar pull-ups
4 shoulder to overhead (100)
5 knees to elbows
6 sumo dead-lift high pulls
7 box jumps (30)
8 back squats
9 bent over rows
10 power cleans
11 stiff-legged dead-lifts
12 hundred meter run

This is based upon the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Complete 1 wall crawl, rope climb,  or skin the cat. Complete 2 HSPUs and 1 wall crawl, rope climb, or skin the cat. Complete 3 chest to bar pull-ups, 2 HSPUs, and 1 wall crawl, rope climb, or skin the cat, etc. Got it? Good.

I had no set goals going into the workout. I did, however, establish goals as the workout progressed. Goals included unbroken reps of HSPUs, C2B pull-ups, S2O, K2E, box jumps, back squats bent over rows, and stiff-legged dead-lifts.

Uhm, no unbroken reps of SDHPs or power cleans? I could’ve easily completed 6 unbroken SDHPs, but didn’t do so the first 2 rounds. In retrospect, that was probably due to habit, as I didn’t complete unbroken reps this past Wednesday. That shit has to stop.

I completed the first set of 10 power cleans unbroken, and was delighted that I did so. I set a goal to complete the remaining 2 sets in unbroken reps as well. And I did! Jeff later commented that the power cleans looked good. Yup, my form has significantly improved. I focused on extending wrists, 3-point extension, fast elbows, pulling myself under the bar, and finishing each and every rep.

The 11th was by far the hardest round, and I was beginning to lose steam. I nonetheless completed all sets unbroken. I was also very happy that I didn’t miss a single rep! No missed HSPUs, C2B pull-ups, S2O, K2E, or box jumps — activities that when completing I’m most likely to miss a rep. The 12oom run was a welcome relief.

I felt very strong today. This was a confidence booster. Push jerks at 100# felt great, as did back squats and, as mentioned above, power cleans.

Time = 34:28

12 skin the cats

22 handstand pushups
30 chest to bar pull-ups
36 shoulder to overhead 
40 knees to elbows
42 sumo dead-lift high pulls
42 box jumps 
40 back squats
36 bent over rows
30 power cleans
22 stiff-legged dead-lifts
1200m run

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