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Sunday, December 6

Something different today: I joined the Barbell Club for the metcon and then joined CrossFit Kids. Yup, CrossFit Kids. What a fun day!

7-min AMRAP
5 DB hang power cleans (45#)
10 lunges
50 double unders

What a tough workout! I completed 2 rounds of dus in unbroken reps and the last round in reps of 40 and 10. Not bad. Whilst warming up I completed 87 unbroken reps. No a PR, but still a good showing, yes?

I put the DBs down after 5th hang power clean for all but the first round. Shit got heavy very quickly.

Score = 4 rounds + 15 reps, i.e., 25 hang power cleans, 50 lunges, and 20o double unders.

Coach Nick led athletes through a metcon that consisted of 1 OHS (with a PVC pipe), 2 burpees, and 50m sprint. I joined them. I also overhead squatted Lon, Laurie’s son. He’s such a good kid!

So that Jordan, the oldest attendee, could be challenged, I invited him to join me for another metcon.

10-min AMRAP
– 5 burpees sandbag (45) jump overs
– Run 50m with sandbag
– 10 sandbag power cleans
– Run 50m with sandbag
– 15 sandbag back squats
– 50m with sandbag

Uhm, look easier than it turned out to be. Ha! I scaled Jordan’s power cleans to 5, and we were neck and neck to the finish. No, he didn’t carry a 45# sandbag, folks. Even I’m not that mean. He did, however, carry a 25# sandbag, and that was challenging enough.

Score = 3 rounds + 5 burpees + 50m sprint; 20 burpees, 30 power cleans, 45 squats, 500m run.

Dr. Heather led another awesome yoga session. The focus for the month of December is the hamstrings. Wow. Just, wow.


I worked out with the 6 am crew. And then again at 12:45. Read on.
Metcon (Weight)
Press 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Post total load (add up all six barbell loads).
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
5-min AMRAP
Cash in with 3 rope climbs
Then max rep pull-ups

Coach Nick did a wonderful job of leading the 6 am session. I set up my station next to Stephen Cline, and we chatted throughout. I often found him looking at my barbell. He told me it was so he could determine what weights to lift but his intention was to no match me pound for pound. He’s probably the smartest Steven at the box. Probably.

I warmed up to a single at 125, 15 less than 1RM. The lift felt fine, so I didn’t go any heavier. I knew I’d be able to complete 10 presses at 105, and that’s what I easily did. As I thought I’d be able to perhaps lift 130 (and didn’t want any failed reps as I wouldn’t be able to complete weight in total) I only added 2# to second single, i.e., I easily pressed 127. I was disappointed that I didn’t go heavier. I completed the round of 20 at 95#, resting 3 times. I easily pressed 130 as was once again disappointed that I didn’t go heavier. I completed 30 reps, resting 5 times during round.

Total = 5882#

I felt like I had sandbagged the workout. Dammit.

For an added challenge I wore a 25# weight vest for metcon. Yup, for rope climbs as well as pull-ups. I completed rope climbs in just under a minute and began by completed pull-ups in sets of 3. I was able to completed 35 reps. Yay!

I coached the 11:45 session and, you guessed it, completed the workout a second time. And I did remarkably better. No sandbagging!

My first heavy lift was an easy 130. Yup, the weight of last lift from earlier session. I completed 10 reps at 115, resting once after rep 6. Whilst nervous, I rather easily completed a rep at 135, just 5# shy of 1RM. That was a confidence booster. Twenty reps at 105, resting just 3 times. Yay! And then I decided to go for it. Okay, just by a mere pound. I put 141# on the barbell and gripped it and ripped it. Even though I was the only person in the box I loudly shouted an exaltation! Yay! I finished by completing 30 reps at 95, resting after 10, 15, 20, & 25 rep.

Total = 6506#

No weight vest for the metcon this time. I climbed the rope 3 times in about 20 seconds. I began by completing pull-ups in rounds of 10, and managed to complete 73 reps.

Total pressed = 12,388#
Total pull-ups = 108

A new member attended the 4 pm session. She was nervous about failing on a heavy press and asked, “What happens if I can’t get it up?” I responded, “You’ll be like many middle-aged men: if you can’t get it up, well, it just won’t go up.”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And I like it.


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