Not Human Or Inhuman?


Metcon (Time)
With a partner
Run 800m
100 air squats
100 sit-ups
100 wall ball shots
50 pull-ups
50 pushups
100 back extensions
100 lunges
Run 800m

Both partners must run as well as complete air squats, sit-ups, back extensions, and lunges together. Partners complete 100 wall ball shots taking turns and using same target. Partners each complete 25 pull-ups and pushups.

Dianne hates, hates, hates partner WODs. She attended the 9:45 session and I immediately let her know that I’d be her partner. Ha! This didn’t turn out very well.

We began with an 800m run and she and I led the charge. We completed 1o0 air squats, often in reps of 10 or 15, with Dianne deciding when we needed rest. We completed 100 sit-ups whilst facing each other and pat-a-caking after each rep, completing in sets of 10 and (with my urging) a couple of sets of 15. We began completing wall ball shots (16# & 9′) and made it through rep 17 when Dianne let me know she felt like she was going to throw up. She eventually did so.

I completed the remainder of the workout solo, finishing wall ball shots in no less than 10 reps at a time, both pull-ups and pushups in sets of 15 & 10 reps, back extensions beginning with a set of 47 reps (I just couldn’t will myself to make it to 50), and lunges with 4 sets of 25 reps. I then thought, “If this is truly a level playing field, you’ll need to complete Dianne’s pull-ups and pushups.” I did so, once again in sets of 15 & 10 reps. I finished with another easy 800m run.

Time = 33:49

‘Twas the fastest time of the day, but I did not record in Wodify.

I overhead Dianne talking to Jeff and some others and saying, “He goes so fast.” “I was going at your pace, Dianne. And it was slooooow.” Ha!

As I was leaving Dianne looked at me and said, “You’re not human.” “Are you calling me inhuman?” I asked.


Metcon (16 Rounds for reps)
Work 1 minute; rest 1 minute (rest 3 minutes between before beginning 2nd go around of activities) 
Complete 2 times
-Press (65/55% of bodyweight)
-Overhead squat
-Push press
-Front squat
-Power jerk
-Back squat
-Ground to overhead (snatch or C&J)
-Sumo deadlift high pull

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