That’s more than I weigh!

Wednesday may very well become my new rest day! Yup, I rested Wednesday and completed the 2016 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge baseline workout Thursday morning just prior to attending the 9:30 session.


R16 (3 Rounds for reps)
Complete as many reps of possible during the following sequence:
3 Minute Max Calorie Row
1 Minute Mandatory Rest
3 Minute Max REPS Cluster
1 Minute Mandatory Rest
3 Minute Max Calorie Row

Men | 155 (Rx+), 95 (Rx), 55 G2O

I expected this to be tough and my expectations were met. I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to complete 155# clusters, as 157# is my 1RM. I warmed up to 135, the weight I completed for The Seven, and, well, also set up a barbell with 25# plates, i.e., 95#. I told myself that I could take the minute rest between rowing and clustering to decide if I was going to complete workout Rx+ or Rx.

I wore Nike Frees whilst rowing Romaleos whilst clustering and it took almost the full minute of mandatory rest to change shoes.

I rowed 53 calories the first round of rowing, making sure that strokes/minute didn’t exceed 24. I next approached the barbell loaded with 55# plates and completed 3 clusters.

I fell on my ass the third attempt. At least I was trying to pull myself under the bar! I completed 3 more clusters and failed at two more attempts. Dammit. And dammit. Just 5 reps in 3 minutes.

I rowed 53 calories the second round of rowing and didn’t even attempt a finishing sprint.

Total = 111 reps


Metcon (Time)

> 20 (10/arm) alternating arm (1-armed) KB swings (53)
> 1-minute plank hold
> 10 (5/arm) KB snatches
> Rest 1 minute

‘Twas a full house at the 9:30 session, as lots of folks wanted to get in a workout today in case the box was closed Friday due to Jonas. As in Nick Jonas.

I warmed up with a 44# KB and mistakenly (read on) had both the 53# and the 44# KB by my side.

My goal was to at least complete 20 KB swings unbroken as well as hold 1-minute plank without pausing to rest. I did so.

I completed the first 10 KB snatches, completing all 5 reps first with right and then with left arm. That wasn’t a very smart thing to do.

I completed 2 KB snatches on my right and then just 1 with left arm, failing the second attempt. I thought, “You just completed heavy clusters. Take it easy. Swallow your pride and pick up the 44-pound kettle bell.” And that’s what I did, completing 5 reps with both arms and not counting the 3 good reps.

Whilst holding third plank I thought, “Really, Paul? You can’t complete 53-pound kettle bell snatches? Take your time, swallow your pride, and complete one rep at a time. Be sure to alternate arms.” Coach, coach thyself.

To make up for reps that I didn’t complete using 53# KB I completed 7 reps the third and fourth rounds and 6 the final round. Completing 7 KB swings was a lot harder than completing 5.

Time = 16:40


The box was closed Friday due to inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions. I rested. And it was good.

Luke and I went for a very long walk yesterday evening and this morning. He’s feeling snowbound and so am I. I wore my Yaktraxs, as the roads and sidewalks are quite slippery.

Run 5k, beginning with 10 burpees and then completing 10 burpees every 2:30 minutes on the clock (i.e., 2:30, 5:00, 7:30, etc.). 

Uhm, yeah, so I received many strange looks from the few passersby in the neighborhood, particularly whilst completing burpees. Ha! Burpees usually took around 25 seconds to complete. I often had to adjust Yaktrax before running; thus, I usually ran in 2-minute intervals.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve run 5k! I still love running and perhaps always will.

Time = 36:16
Burpees = 150


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