Han Solo

Wednesday, October 25 | Two and One

Luke and I (of course) enjoyed a 4-mile walk beginning and ending at home that included  walking in Carrier and French Broad parks. ‘Twas a chilly morning.

I ate breakfast and watched “This Is Us.” Yup, and cried. And then worked out.

Deadlift & Ring Dips
Sets of 3 DL working up to 3RM and then 1RM
Complete 3 strict and weighted ring dips after DL, working up to heaviest set of 3
Workout ends when 3 failed attempts at given weight of either activity

Deadlifts and ring dips? Why not! Whilst I may have an idea of the movements or activities I want to complete (often thinking about programming before I go to sleep the night before or thinking about during morning walk the day of), I determine what I’m going to do as I’m warming up and even whilst I working out. The advantage of working out alone! I knew I wanted and needed to do deadlifts, and as yesterday had so much pushing I knew I needed to do pulling. And I haven’t done ring dips in far too long.

I warmed up and began first round of DL and RDs @ 275 & 10#.

3RM DL | 3 RDs
275 | 10
295 | 15
315 | 20
330 | 25
340 | 30
1RM DL | 3 RDs
355 | 35
360 (f)) | 40
360 | 45
365 (f) | 50
365 (f) | 55
365 (f) | 60

I set a goal to achieve new DL 3RM. As my previous 3RM was 325, I set a goal of 330 and was delighted when I got 340, a 15# PR. I then achieved new 1RM of 360, 1 mere 7# but I’ll take it! RDs felt sold throughout. When I ran out of bricks for vest I hung plates around my neck, ending with 15 additional pounds added to 45# weight vest. Uhm, and the rubber resistance band snapped the very first rep of last set of 3. I recorded to ensure that all dips were legit, you know, delts below elbows. All. Reps. Were. Legit.

I enjoy having Luke with me when I work out, even if he is napping most of the time. I teasingly tell him, ” You can cheer for me if you’d like, for you know how much I love being cheered for. ‘You got this! Niiiiiice.'”

5-min AMRAP
6-count burpee + jumping air squats whilst wearing 45# weight vest

More working out whilst wearing weight vest? Why not! I placed 45# plates on the floor to place hands upon so that pushups would be legit. I’m liking that word. In addition, nose touched whilst knees never touched ground for all pushups.

The strict pushup was definitely the most difficult part of the workout, followed closely by jumping air squats. I had not yet begun 15th rep when clock read 2:30 (dentist appointment!) so I set a goal to complete 29 reps. And that’s what I did. Because I’m too legit to quit.

Thursday, October 26 | No Barbell

It got down to below freezing last night! Luke and I went for a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood. I was overdressed, and I’ll know not to wear a Winter coat until, well, Winter.

EMOM for 10 rounds
20 double unders & 20 lateral bar hops
Rest 1 minute
EMOM for 5 rounds
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 10# weight vest
Rest 1 minute
EMOM for 5 rounds
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 20# weight vest
Rest 1 minute
EMOM for 5 rounds
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 30# weight vest
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM for 1 round
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 35# weight vest
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM for 1 round
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 40# weight vest
Rest 2 minutes
EMOM for 1 round
20 DU & 20 LBH wearing 45# weight vest
Rest 2 minutes
Score = accumulated time

I wanted to work up a good sweat today, and I most certainly did. I had briefly contemplated including power clean & jerks, but upon warming up decided not to do so. Uhm, ’twas much upper body yesterday.

Times ranged from 21 to 32 seconds, and the lengthier times were because of missed DUs. I missed 1 LBH during the round wearing 30# weight vest. I also quickly discovered that LBH were more difficult than DUs. I felt like I weighed, well, almost 200#.

Score = 12:02

Saturday, October 28 | BP & HSPU

I rested yesterday, and I’m most certainly glad that I did. My calves were a wee bit sore, as one can only imagine. I don’t recommend weighted double unders or lateral bar hops.

As Jeff was home (and that’s quite unusual), I took Luke for a 2.5-mile walk around the neighborhood in the morning and Jeff and I took him for a 2-mile walk in the evening.

Jeff and I took Luke for a walk this morning, ate breakfast, and then I headed to the gym, i.e., I walked down the stairs from the 1st floor to the garage. Jeff did join me to spot for 2 and 1RM. He’s nice like that.

Bench Press

‘Twas a good day.

10 @ 95
9 @ 105
8 @ 115
7 @ 125
6 @ 135
5 @ 145
4 @ 155
3 @ 160 (3# PR)
2 @ 166 (2# PR)
1 @ 175
1 @ 183 (fail)
1 @ 183 (1# PR)

Yes, minor gains, but I’ll take them!

Negative HSPU

I had a Tim Gunn moment. Yup, I made it work. I used scraps of 2X4 lumber to achieve additional height. I worked up to 12″.

20-min AMRAP
1 strict HSPU
3 strict pull-ups
5 bench press jump overs (18″)
7 wall ball squats (20#)

I worked at a steady pace. I had completed 10 rounds and had begun squats at the 10-min mark, so I set a goal to complete 22 rounds. And that’s exactly what I did.

Stranger Things 2 if the shit. What incredible storytelling, acting, music, character development—you name it! It is The SHIT!


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