Sunday, March 3

Luke, Cinna, and I enjoyed a long walk and then, as is typical most Sundays, I headed to the “gym.”

45 presses @ 65#
Row 25 calories
35 @ 75
25 @ 85
15 @ 95

See how this compares to yesterday’s workout? I should program this shit. Rowing was a great way to recover from sore legs.

Monday, March 4

11-min AMRAP
5 kipping pull-ups
5 stiff-legged DL, 95#
5 FP

~ Rest

7:30-min AMRAP
3 strict C2B pull-ups
3 stiff-legged DL, 135#
3 FP

I then worked on handstand coupled with plank holds.

Wednesday, March 6

Yup, I rested yesterday. I also had my annual physical. Resting pulse 52, blood pressure 104/68. My cholesterol level is still higher than recommend by “good” is up and “bad” is down from last year. No meds for me (for as long as I can prevent doctor from prescribing).

‘Twas a very cold 19 degrees for my morning walk with Luke and Cinna. ‘Twas also very cold in gym/garage. I nonetheless worked up a very good sweat.

Row 10 strokes for maximum calories; complete same number of strict burpees with MCs, e.g., 10 calories = 10 burpees

I worked consistently, transitioning as quickly as I could between activities. I focused on keeping S/M above 15 (so as to not “cheat” calories) and averaged at least 1 calorie per stroke, oftentimes rowing 12 calories in 10 strokes.

I completed in 10 rounds, with the last round being just 4 calories and burpees, in a time of about 25 minutes and with average heart rate of 159. Yup, that’s how I worked up a sweat.

I don’t missing coaching CrossFit, as my desire to coach is fulfilled by teaching at AB Tech and consulting. The time of year that I truly disliked he I was a box owner was when the annual CFG were held. Why? Because many folks didn’t like that I would allow one attempt and one attempt only at any given workout. The workouts are usually too intense to do more than once in a week. Aaaand, there are workouts each week. (Yes, if you’re truly an elite athlete and want to ensure that you make it to the Games, then by all means do as many times as you’d like.)

“But I know I can do better!”
“Uhm, you’re not going to Regionals or the Games, so I see no need to do again.”

“I want to improve my score so I can see how I compare to others.”
“It’s unlikely that your ranking will change. I’d rather you focus on your own development while also remaining free of injury.”

“I’m a paying member. I should be able to do the workout again if I want to.”
“You may certainly do the workout again. At another box. I own this box. You can choose to be a member at another box. I can also choose for you to not be a member at this box.”

Many folks have been posting about their repeated attempts at the same CFD workout. It’s everything I can do to hold my (virtual) tongue.

Glad I got that off of my chest nonetheless.

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